Aims and Objectives 

1.    Freedom For All seeks to promote and protect basic human rights around the world by drawing attention to abuses which contravene internationally accepted standards of behaviour and by calling upon nations to fulfil their obligations under United Nations’ conventions and agreements to which they are signatories.  

2.    Freedom For All seeks to encourage states to adopt international humanitarian conventions to improve the lives of their citizens.

3.    Freedom For All supports the fundamental freedoms of thought and expression, including the right to hold and express dissenting opinions without fear of arbitrary detention, torture or imprisonment.

4.    Freedom For All supports the right to family life, as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which describes the family as the natural and fundamental unit of society and declares it entitled to protection by society and state.

5.    Freedom For All, in accordance with the fundamental principles of the United Nations Organisation and international conventions, calls for greater and improved protection of the basic rights of the vulnerable, especially women and children.

6.    Freedom For All campaigns to prevent the exploitation, trafficking and sale of women and children both within societies and internationally, as outlined in numerous United Nations’ conventions including the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

7.    Freedom For All seeks to end the recruitment and training of children into militias and armies and calls for the increased protection of children and the elderly in areas of conflict.

8.    Freedom For All seeks to promote the fair and humanitarian treatment of refugees, as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, emphasising the need to protect and support refugees in their temporary countries of residence and to enable them to return to their homelands as speedily and easily as possible.  

Freedom For All calls upon host countries to do all in their power to facilitate the
rights of refugees to family life; freedom of expression, thought and religion; and
the freedoms of association and travel within and beyond their countries of
temporary residence.                             
9.    Freedom For All supports and demands the universal application of the 1951 Convention on Human Rights, insisting on the need to reunite and regroup refugees, as well as the need to preserve the civilian and humanitarian character of refugee camps and their attendant facilities as enunciated in 1987 by the UNHCR’s Executive Committee.  Freedom For All also supports the 2002 Notice of Protection issued by the United Nations’ High Commission for Refugees, which urges states to respect the principle of freely approved return of refugees to their homes

10.    Freedom For All calls for better and increased scrutiny of donations and delivery of international aid to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches those for whom it is intended and that the misappropriation of humanitarian aid is both impeded and severely punished.

11.    Freedom For All deplores and decries the abuse of basic human rights of Prisoners of War, including the arbitrary punishment and torture of Prisoners of War; their coercion to carry out forced labour; and the deprivations of basic food rations, medical treatment and adequate accommodation.  In instances where such human rights’ violations have occurred, Freedom For All calls for compensation for the victims from the state on whose territory they were imprisoned and maltreated, as well as the establishment of a commission of enquiry to investigate the abuses and identify the perpetrators.

12.    Freedom For All calls upon nations in dispute to supply accurate information as quickly as possible about civilians and combatants who are injured, missing or dead, so that families are aware of the status of their relations. 

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