The Autonomy Plan for the Sahara Region and World Opinion

Heads of State, World Leaders, Prime Ministers, Members of Parliaments, Official Journals and News Agencies, Islamic Bodies and Journalists from all over the world have praised the imaginative and bold Moroccan Initiative to find a lasting, permanent solution to the conflict in the Western Sahara by offering autonomy to the Sahara Region.
These include:
  • United Nations? Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon and his Special Envoy, Peter van Walsum, who described the negotiations between the parties as ?positive?.
  • H.E. Mr Guangya Wang, current Chairman of the United Nations? Security Council, welcomed the on-going negotiations between Morocco and the Algerian-backed Polisario Front and hoped that the parties would engage in good faith in substantial negotiations in accordance with UN resolution 1754. 
  • The European Union ? ?welcomes the Moroccan Proposal? for Autonomy and hopes that ?these negotiations result in a just, political and mutually-acceptable solution, which will provide autonomy to the People of the Western Sahara, in accordance with United Nations? resolutions??. The EU ?is convinced that a resolution to this conflict, after more than 30 years, is the wish of everyone and will improve the opportunities for greater integration between the countries of the Maghreb and between them and the EU?.  Communiqué, 23 July 2007
  • The USA ? described Morocco?s proposal for Autonomy as ?serious and credible?, ?flexible, providing for  the holding of a referendum? and thus ?respecting the principle of international law, including the principle of  self-determination for the population of the Western Sahara?  H.E. Jackie Sanders, US Ambassador to the UN, July 2007

Europe and the European Union

This includes the European Parliament and Member States, and Member States? Parliaments including:
The UK
France Spain
Belgium ? ?beneficial for relations between Morocco and Algeria and for the entire region? July 2007

See International Responses to the Bold Moroccan Initiative and Media ? Europe and Institutions - London
for full details

North America, Central America, Latin America

United States 

See International Responses to the Bold Moroccan Initiative and Latin America and The United States for full details

African countries, The Media and Institutions

Kenya Mauritania
Democratic Republic of Congo

See International Responses to the Bold Moroccan Initiative - Media ? Africa and Institutions for full details

Asia and the Gulf


See International Responses to the Bold Moroccan Initiative ? The Middle East for full details

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