The Plan for Autonomy 

What is it?

The Initiative will grant the Southern Saharan Provinces of Morocco full autonomy under Moroccan Sovereignty, enabling the Sahrawi People

?    to govern themselves according to their own democratic and representative legislative, judicial and executive bodies;
?    to receive and administer financial resources to develop the region; and
?    to be active in the economic, social and cultural spheres of Moroccan life. 

The King of Morocco?s constitutional and religious prerogatives will continue to apply to the Saharan region, while foreign affairs and defence will remain under Moroccan Sovereignty. 

The Autonomy Plan will

?    promote the building of a democratic, modern society, based on the rule of law and on collective and individual freedoms;
?    enhance economic and social development within the region; and
?    assist regional reconciliation and co-operation.

The Provisions of the Plan

Read the full text of the plan here

The Negotiation Process

Talks under the auspices of the United Nations took place between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Polisario Front in Geneva in May, following the presentation of the Initiative for Negotiation an Autonomy Statute for the Sahara Region to the UN Secretary-General in April 2007.  Further discussions took place in mid-June in Manhasset, New York, and these will continue in mid-August.

Will there be a referendum?

At the conclusion of negotiations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Algeria and its proxy the Polisario Front, the Autonomy Statute will be subject to a referendum of the populations concerned, in accordance with the principle of self-determination, the Charter of the United Nations and resolutions passed by the United Nations? Security Council and General Assembly.

The Moroccan Constitution will be amended to incorporate the Autonomy Statute, thereby guaranteeing its sustainability and reflecting its special place within the Moroccan State.

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