Letter addressed to the UN Secretary General

Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon
United Nations Organization

Mr. Secretary-General,

The Kingdom of Morocco has been working with determination and in good faith for the settlement of the Sahara dispute, in the best interest of all Maghreb States, and for the sake of regional security and stability. It has thus constantly and earnestly supported United Nations efforts to reach a final, negotiated settlement.

Given that it was impossible to implement the previous proposals made to resolve the dispute, the situation has remained deadlocked. Thus, the Security Council has been calling, since 2004, for efforts to break the impasse, and to reach a political, mutually acceptable solution. Responding to this call, I have the honour to send you a document containing the “Moroccan initiative for negotiating an autonomy statute for the Sahara Region”, within the framework of the Kingdom’s sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity.

This is an innovative, responsible and open compromise initiative which, by virtue of its substance as well as its overall objectives, makes it possible for all Sahrawis, those inside as well as those outside the region, to run their affairs democratically, through various representative legislative, executive and judicial bodies.

The initiative achieves the principle of self-determination, through a free, modern and democratic expression regarding the autonomy statute. As such, it is in conformity with international legality as well as with international norms and standards applicable in the area of autonomy. It guarantees compliance with – and promotion of - human rights as they are universally recognized, and as they are enshrined in the Moroccan Constitution.

The Kingdom of Morocco strongly believes that this proposal, which can serve as a basis for dialogue, negotiation and compromise, will give new momentum to the UN process for the settlement of this dispute.

In this connection, the Kingdom of Morocco expresses its readiness to engage resolutely in serious, in-depth negotiations with the other parties, with a view to contributing to the achievement of the final, mutually acceptable political solution long awaited by the international community.

Building on the democratic process and on intensive internal consultations, which were enhanced by discussions at international level, Morocco is hereby responding to the call of the international community, by accepting to engage in thorough and detailed negotiations on the various aspects of this initiative.

My country hopes the other parties will be guided by the same political will and earnest commitment to resolve this dispute, once and for all, and to promote peace, security and stability in an endangered geopolitical environment. Such a development would fulfil the aspirations of the peoples of the Maghreb, and contribute to the emergence of a stable, prosperous, democratic and solidarity based Arab Maghreb Union that would be an active player dedicated to African solidarity, as well as a credible interlocutor for all its partners in the region.
By sending you the document introducing this initiative, together with its official French and English translation, the Kingdom of Morocco is confirming its commitment to the lofty ideals enshrined in the UN Charter. The Moroccan people, all segments and persuasions included, pin great hopes on the efforts yourself and your Personal Envoy will exert to convince the other parties to seize the chance for peace brought by this initiative, and to appreciate all it has to offer in terms of shaping a better future for the region, and promoting stability, security, democracy and prosperity therein.
I request that you kindly circulate this letter, along with the attached document, and that you append them to your next report to the Security Council.
Yours sincerely,
El Mostafa SAHEL
Ambassador, Permanent Representative

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